Planned Giving

The importance of legacy is firmly rooted in the minds and hearts of the parishioners of All Saints Episcopal Church in Tarpon Springs, FL.
Tick-tock! It’s time to start planning your end-of-the-year giving campaign! In our latest blog, Jim Murphy, Managing Director of Endowment Management Services at ECF, reminds us of the different ways that donors can give tha…
Most people die without a written will. Which leaves their families at the mercy of the state, which will distribute assets after death. The state will pay the lawyers first, then any taxes or creditors and finally family. If…
In this blog, Jim Murphy explores the concept of congregation as family. “When someone makes a planned gift of any kind to their parish, that person raises their congregation to the level of family in their estate plans.”
We do need to reintroduce the topic of Gifts and Memorials for the church leadership and congregation. Here are a few ideas to consider.
Five resources to help your congregation's efforts with planned giving, with the fifth resource suggesting a way to strengthen your practice of year-round stewardship.
In the Episcopal Church we believe that your estate and end of life plans should reflect your values. The following ECF resource contains three sections: the medical directive, planning your funeral and writing your will.
ECF hosts quarterly webinars that focus on relevant topics for Planned Giving and Development Leaders.
If you worry about “always asking for money” in your congregation, this webinar is for you.
This webinar focuses on the basics of planned giving, how it differs from annual stewardship and capital campaigns, how your parish can build endowment through life income gifts, and you will have a plan of action by the end …
Learn how a legacy society will enhance and empower your congregation's planned giving ministry.
Learn more about planned giving options and how they can benefit both you and your parish or favorite Episcopal charity.
Planned gifts made to your school could be transformational in securing funds for scholarships, building endowments and new facilities, and empowering your future.
Selecting the best person(s) to lead your planned giving efforts is an important step in building and sustaining your program.
Have you only given gifts of cash or marketable securities to your parish? Did you know you may also give portions of privately held interests you may own and many other complex gifts to your congregation or religious non-pro…
Does your parish have a planned giving program? Learn how one parish used the church fair model to breathe life (pun intended) into their planned giving program.
Join other parishioners just like you to learn more about planned giving options and how they can benefit both you and your congregation.
How much money is “enough” for a planned gift?
This webinar addresses how leaders can build trust to encourage planned gifts among donors and about the pitfalls that can be caused by a lack of trust.
How are your leaders cultivating grants from Donor-advised Funds (DAF) created by your parishioners and other constituents? Since DAFs have become the fastest growing giving tool in the country, are you correctly recognizing …