In our latest blog, the Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck discusses the somewhat dismissive practice of “a quick prayer” and proposes an alternative.
In our latest blog, Canon Annette Buchanan provides us with a list of good disciplines for vestries and congregations to undertake during this season of Lent.
Lent 2024 begins with Ash Wednesday tomorrow on Valentine's Day, February 14 and ends on Easter Sunday March 31. The Lenten season provides us all with opportunities for introspection, prayer, fasting and reading the Bible. O…
In our latest blog, Ken Mosesian observes that, in general, we don’t know what to do with ourselves if we don’t have a phone in our hands or a laptop on our knees. He thinks that most people would welcome some silence.
Advent can be a wonderful time to pause and reflect on the miracle that is to come. To help you celebrate this season, we’ve gathered fourteen resources.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck explores the idea of including an offertory in the service. She says, “The Offertory presents an opportunity for the congregation to participate more fully in the liturgy, to be …
In his latest President's blog, Donald Romanik encourages us to turn away from our death-like patterns and behavior at all levels and accept God’s promise of new life.
Ken Mosesian explores the idea that life is imperfect and that too is a plan of God’s in our latest blog, The Roof is Leaking
Ken Mosesian sums up the state of the world with the aptly-titled, “It’s a Mess Out There”. His Lenten reflection continues, “It is a mess out there. It always will be. Which is why we need to have the courage to live our fai…
Here are ten Lenten Resources for 2023.
In our latest blog, Donald Romanik offers suggestions on how to incorporate themes of Epiphany into our daily lives as followers of Jesus.
Here is a collection of Advent resources for 2022
The Rev. Lisa G. Fischbeck explores the historical practice of ablutions and how they changed during the pandemic and how they might evolve going forward.
This month we offer Five Reflections on Hybrid Church and Digital Ministry
This month we share five reflections on Easter.
Ten resources for Lent from ECFVP and around the Church.
Linda Buskirk feels that the timpani should be included in the pantheon of heavenly instruments, such as the harp, lyre and trumpet. What do you think?
The Rev. Sandy Webb asks why using an online officiant at weddings is so popular. He explores answers in our latest blog.
Christmas is always a special time in New York City.
Five resources on celebrating Christmas