By Fletcher Harper
More and more people believe that protecting Creation is a religious value.
By David Farrand
As we begin a new year, perhaps you are trying to decide, once again, what resolutions might bring you health and peace. One goal might be to close the planning gap. Or, put another way, this may be the year to finally addres…
By John Adler
"Our purpose is to commission these persons in the Name of God and of this congregation into membership in Iona-Hope."
By John Adler
One step which is often overlooked in our various incorporation processes is that of having a meaningful welcoming ceremony for our new members.
By Peter Lane
“St. Paul & the Redeemer is growing because we are really clear about what we are about and that is welcoming everybody to this community: orthodox believer or skeptic, gay or straight, black or white, rich or poor, everyone …
By Peyton G. Craighill
When a congregation makes a paradigm shift from an attractional model of ministry to a missional model, how will the shift influence its understanding and practice of worship?
By Ana Hernandez
What does your voice sound like to you? To others? How well do you listen? How well do you hear? How do you nurture your voice to be of greatest benefit to the community? Are you able to ask for what you need, and offer what …
By Robert Williams
In Los Angeles, at the Cathedral Center of St. Paul, the sure sign that Christmas is nearing is the faithful observance of Las Posadas, a traditional evening procession and celebration with 400 years of history and a fresh ap…
By Donald Schell
In 1987, my teenage daughter was attending a Catholic girls school in San Francisco, and she and her schoolmates were recruited to serve as ushers for Pope John Paul II’s Mass at Candlestick Park, the baseball stadium where t…
By Audra Abt
The tradition of Las Posadas involves leaving the church walls, and going into the neighborhood for a time of shared tradition and hospitality.