Clergy Transition

By Gary Gleason
"Why should we spend a year trying to get a new minister? I could fill this job in about a week!" the vestry member proclaimed. "Yes," I replied, "but it's not a good idea."
Use these checklists, resources, and handouts that cover a transition from the announcement that the current clergy person is leaving through the call of his/her replacement.
By Jim Sell
Thou shalt…encourage more lay leadership. All too often, the last rector might have simply found it easier to “do it him/herself.”
Clergy transitions in the life of a congregation can be, and usually are, full of anxiety and progressive steps. This visual map charts the journey of calling a new priest.
By Sandra Clark Kolb
As a vestry member during a change in ordained leadership you play a critical role in making the transition a healthy one. Both the change and the transition need to be managed. Returning to the example of Moses we used last …
By Jan Henderson
During the time of clergy transition, the senior warden is responsible for leading the congregation in their search for a new rector. In “Leading through Transition,” senior warden Jan Henderson shares the process she and her…
By Sandra Clark Kolb
Change in ordained leadership in a congregation creates a time of both challenge and opportunity. As a vestry member you play a critical role in making the transition a healthy one.
By Mike Ehmer
Our responses to change and transition in congregational life vary because our understanding of them is influenced by our experiences and individual temperament.
A resource to help understand the difference between change and transition – one is an event and the other is a process.