By Neal O. Michell
In human interactive terms, a triangle occurs when each of two opposing parties seeks to join with a third party against the other, with the third party finding it necessary to cooperate now with one and now with another of t…
By William A. Doubleday
In “Knowledge is Power,” William Doubleday introduces congregational leaders to the resources available to them in Canon 7: Of Business Methods in Church Affairs.
By Ronald D. Pogue
“Being on the Same Page” by Ron Pogue, reminds us of the value of our congregation’s governing documents and how they can be a useful tool for decision making.
By Jim Lemler
We sing about it. We hear about it, and we pray about it...the firm foundation on which our faith rests. However, at this moment there is some significant seismic activity.
By Jeremy Sierra
Churches are often full of secrets. Nothing sinister, just quirks you wouldn’t notice unless you spent a lot of time sitting at the receptionist’s desk or in the parish administrators’ office.
By Rebecca Hendricks
The Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon provide the option of an all-church vestry.
By Barbara Bartocci
One day before Christmas, my four-year-old grandson Danny was acting particularly obstreperous. His exasperated mother finally said, “Danny, settle down and behave or Santa’s going to bring you rocks and sticks.” Danny’s eyes…
By A. Wayne Schwab
Is not God most concerned about how we live from Monday to Saturday?
By Ann Hallisey
“The spiritual leadership of the parish is the rector’s job!”
By Anna Olson
The photo project was designed to give the Vestry the opportunity to take a closer look at our neighborhood. It was not intended to lead directly into strategic planning, but rather to shift our perspective and open our eyes …
By Diocese of Washington
“Warden” means “steward” or “guardian,” and wardens are the chief stewards and servants of their congregations.
By Linda Grenz
A liturgy for the commissioning of new parish leaders.
By Ken Howard
Doing things the same way is unlikely to produce different results, yet often organizations are unsure about how to break out of old patterns. In “Adapt or Die,” Ken Howard shares the process congregational leaders at St. Nic…
By Denis C. Brunelle
Discernment is the spiritual discipline of seeking clarity in identifying the mission of the parish and how the parish (vestry) will respond to God’s call. Our hope is to insure that when we step aside, our congregations exis…