By A. Wayne Schwab
Is not God most concerned about how we live from Monday to Saturday?
By Rebecca Hendricks
The Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon provide the option of an all-church vestry.
By Barbara Bartocci
One day before Christmas, my four-year-old grandson Danny was acting particularly obstreperous. His exasperated mother finally said, “Danny, settle down and behave or Santa’s going to bring you rocks and sticks.” Danny’s eyes…
By Jeremy Sierra
Churches are often full of secrets. Nothing sinister, just quirks you wouldn’t notice unless you spent a lot of time sitting at the receptionist’s desk or in the parish administrators’ office.
By Ann Hallisey
“The spiritual leadership of the parish is the rector’s job!”
By Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook
“Our Story” by Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook explores the roots of our democratic style of governance and invites us to consider ways to balance an organization’s need for order with its equally important need for creativity and ris…
By Richard H. Schmidt
The name Richard Hooker rings no bell for most vestry members. More than a few clergy haven’t heard of him, either.
By Denis C. Brunelle
Discernment is the spiritual discipline of seeking clarity in identifying the mission of the parish and how the parish (vestry) will respond to God’s call. Our hope is to insure that when we step aside, our congregations exis…
By Ariana Gonzales-Bonillas
Making people feel valued and welcome is key to building community. In “Feeling Valued,” high school senior Ariana Gonzales-Bonillas invites congregational leaders to reflect on the ways youth are valued – or not – in their c…
This web conference explores common challenges for vestries of Episcopal congregations and offers basic practices for leading vestries effectively.