ECF Vital Teams consultant Rosa Lindahl believes a leadership team’s capacity to move into the future depends on its ability to function effectively. What can we, as congregational leaders, do to discuss more openly and hones…
A resource offering a brief overview of church size theory that can be used by lay leaders or clergy to explain how church size effects the culture of a congregation.
A resource to help understand the difference between change and transition – one is an event and the other is a process.
This assessment can be used in a variety of transition situations to support lay and clergy leaders during a time of transition
Strategic Solutions is a program offering facilitation and assistance for congregations, dioceses, and Episcopal schools to envision and fund future ministries.
RenewalWorks grew out of the Diocese of Chicago's Episcopal Spiritual Life Renewal Program. Facilitator Clarence Langdon describes the process developed for congregations.
An interview tool to help congregations in a clergy search process identify individuals with strong team leadership skills.
A different way of thinking about leadership practices that nurtures congregational vitality.