By Peter Lane
“St. Paul & the Redeemer is growing because we are really clear about what we are about and that is welcoming everybody to this community: orthodox believer or skeptic, gay or straight, black or white, rich or poor, everyone …
By Sarah Reiners Bartenstein
Is your church inclusive and welcoming?
By William M. Kondrath
Scientists tell us that biodiversity is a key measure of the health of any ecosystem. Many of us suspect that diversity within our congregations would also be a sign of health, creativity, radical welcome, and the possibility…
By John Adler
One step which is often overlooked in our various incorporation processes is that of having a meaningful welcoming ceremony for our new members.
By Daniel Vélez Rivera
Why do Latinos arrive to our doorsteps? What do they find? Why do they stay? What makes Latinos feel welcome in the Episcopal Church?
By Kathy Copas
It only takes a moment for a guest to get a first impression of your parish.
By Judith Doran
Dr. Alan Watton was ninety years old when he started coming to church, via a ride from our hospitality chairs (a husband and wife team). After the first service, he stopped on his way out and asked if I made home visits.