I wanted, really wanted, to be a gracious winner, but maybe there’s greater opportunity for change if I can learn how to be a gracious loser.
By Laurel Johnston
Interviews with ten Latino/Hispanic congregations reveal best practices of stewardship.
By Rosa Lindahl Mallow
The New River Regional Ministry is the result of the commitment of The Diocese of Southeast Florida, All Saints Church, St. Ambrose Church, El Centro Hispano de Todos los Santos, and St. Ambrose Pre-school to serve joyfully b…
By Karen Hunter
“Pushing Past Fear” by Karen Hunter shares what can happen when a congregation commits itself to being church in the world. The growth – and success - of Grace Episcopal’s mission church, La Gracia Farmland, is largely due to…
By William M. Kondrath
Bill Kondrath’s “Facing Differences,” demonstrates what can happen when, instead of dismissing our differences, vestries and other groups pay attention to their racial and cultural assumptions and behaviors. By changing thei…
By Lelanda Lee
People of Color have a special call to leadership. Lelanda Lee offers insight into cultural differences that may be hindering acceptance.
By Anna Olson
The photo project was designed to give the Vestry the opportunity to take a closer look at our neighborhood. It was not intended to lead directly into strategic planning, but rather to shift our perspective and open our eyes …
By Daniel Vélez-Rivera
The mission I set for myself before becoming a priest was to help establish, expand, and sustain Hispanic/Latino ministries in the Episcopal Church.
By Judith Doran
Dr. Alan Watton was ninety years old when he started coming to church, via a ride from our hospitality chairs (a husband and wife team). After the first service, he stopped on his way out and asked if I made home visits.