This guide is for conducting effective mutual ministry reviews in one's congregation. It was collaboratively developed by the Episcopal Church Foundation, the Episcopal Church Center's Offices for Ministry Development and Dep…
Does your congregation think about and talk about stewardship only during the annual funding campaign? If so, you’re missing year-round opportunities for formation. Not sure how to start? These two tools may help.
In this new era the vestry and all leader groups will seek to give the congregation the gift of missional leadership. The governance functions in this agenda are concentrated, allowing greater time for the development of an …
Every parish has the potential of a devastating disaster. Are you prepared? These resources may help.
In the face of devastating loss, what are some of the key things a church community needs to do?
Trying to describe the Episcopal Church's General Convention? These resources can help...
Linda Grenz writes in her Vital Posts blog, "Churches often fail to observe copyright laws, or even the basics of courtesy. We have this unfortunate habit of thinking that just because it is "for the church" it is OK..."
By Jerry Keucher
How much should your church charge outside groups for short-term use or long-term rent of your space? This worksheet can help with the answer.
Looking to update your parish administrator's job description? Take a look at these examples.
A comprehensive, user-friendly manual which supports the increasingly complex work of all treasurers and parish administrators. Available in English and Spanish.
Is your congregation prepared for a crisis? Do you have a written, easy to access guide for dealing with a crisis? Are your staff and congregational leaders familiar with/trained to deal with a crisis should it arise?
Two easy and free tools to make scheduling a meeting and doing sign-ups online much easier and more flexible for everyone involved.
By Tyler D. Schleicher
If parishioners give electronically, how will their offerings get blessed? "I give electronically" cards may be the answer.
By Bob Schorr
Looking for ways to make your meetings more productive? Consider adopting the practice of using a consent agenda.
By Greg Syler
If you were to analyze giving and pledging trends in your congregation, what trends and patterns would you realize? This worksheet may help you begin this process.
By Gerald W. Keucher
Principles for managing clergy discretionary funds.
By Greg Syler
Documents developed by two congregations who envision a sharing future who have developed a covenant to guide their conversations to explore collaboration.
By Jerry Keucher
Use this template for a financial report that is easily understood by all on the vestry.
The Medical Trust offers information and resources to help church employers learn how healthcare reform affects them.
By Martin Spielman
I explore the fact that some folks are seeking God...but don't know where to start