By Janie Kirt Morris
Getting the right people on board is critical. Janie Kirt shows us the successful system she developed for “Build a Healthy Vestry." Available in Spanish.
By Bob Schorr
Could the way you run your meetings be keeping people away from leadership positions? Many of us have sat through meetings that drone on and one, spending valuable time dealing with routine reports or rehashing business from …
By Sandra Clark Kolb
Change in ordained leadership in a congregation creates a time of both challenge and opportunity. As a vestry member you play a critical role in making the transition a healthy one.
By Dick Kurth
We pushed and pried in private with some vestry members. What were their real attitudes toward “the numbers?”
By Nancy Davidge
Highly functioning, fruitful vestries are built on transparency and respect.
By Blair Pogue
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, MN has been re-envisioning the role of the vestry over the last five years: inviting vestry members to understand their role as that of a spiritual discernment team.
By Loren Mead
“I really had a bad experience my first time on the vestry,” Anne said to me. Of course that upset me — in my years as a pastor I really did all I could, especially with my senior warden, to make our work as a vestry EFFECTIV…
By Scott Evenbeck
Just as the Great Commission—“Go therefore into the world to make disciples of all nations”—does not go into great detail on how exactly to accomplish that mission, so the canons of the Episcopal Church are not particularly s…
By Donald Peeler
It is truly unfortunate when a vestry gathers in retreat to address only the mundane business that confronts every parish.
By Judy Hoover
St. Edward the Confessor in suburban Minneapolis burned to the ground last April after a young man threw gasoline-filled bottles at the structure late on a stormy night. We asked the rector to share tips with our readers on c…
By Anna Olson
The photo project was designed to give the Vestry the opportunity to take a closer look at our neighborhood. It was not intended to lead directly into strategic planning, but rather to shift our perspective and open our eyes …
By Diana B. Henriques
On September 11th, as my husband Larry and I were finishing breakfast, we heard a plane go over our house – too low and too loud for the usual air traffic approaching Newark Airport, 20 minutes away. We looked at each other i…
By Frank Wade
The events of September 11th have attuned our minds to the reality of crises in our lives. This focusing experience, powerful as it may be, is but one of the many forms a crisis might take.
By Pat McCaughan
Imagine a congregation where the priest isn’t the only one making pastoral calls.
By Tilly-Jo Emerson
When someone asks me about vestries in times of crisis, my frank response is that vestries can be useless in such times – unless they have done their work in advance.
By Michael Hanley
It’s a standard joke. The bishop and the parish priest are in the sacristy just before the start of the service marking the bishop’s visitation to the congregation.
By Lindsay Hardin Freeman
We asked two questions from rectors of Consortium congregations: What are five best traits in a warden? What would you like your warden(s) to know, but that is hard to articulate face-to-face?
By Barbara Bartocci
One day before Christmas, my four-year-old grandson Danny was acting particularly obstreperous. His exasperated mother finally said, “Danny, settle down and behave or Santa’s going to bring you rocks and sticks.” Danny’s eyes…
By Rebecca Hendricks
The Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon provide the option of an all-church vestry.
By Jeremy Sierra
Churches are often full of secrets. Nothing sinister, just quirks you wouldn’t notice unless you spent a lot of time sitting at the receptionist’s desk or in the parish administrators’ office.