Vision & Planning

By Gary Gleason
"Why should we spend a year trying to get a new minister? I could fill this job in about a week!" the vestry member proclaimed. "Yes," I replied, "but it's not a good idea."
By Blair Pogue
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, MN has been re-envisioning the role of the vestry over the last five years: inviting vestry members to understand their role as that of a spiritual discernment team.
By Jane Patterson and John Lewis
How can you tell when a ministry is no longer viable?
By Greg Syler
Collaboration has about as much buzz as any buzzword seems to buzz these days.
By Lisa H. Towle
Concern for the future started Lisa Towle and ECW-NC on a journey of discernment and discovery. More
By Bob Williams
Do your congregation’s communication tools need sharpening? Maybe you’d like to get on track for fall and the new program year? Here are suggestions from the Media in Ministry class at Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological Sc…
By Terri Matthes
Do you need a video for your capital campaign? Maybe you've had your heart strings pulled by glowing shots and the stirring soundtrack of your alma mater's video or the local hospital's. But is something that flashy appropria…
By Nancy Davidge
Online listings offer churches the opportunity to tell their story 24/7, with capacity to include far more than name, address, contact information, and worship times. Learn about what's available and how to get maximum (free)…
By Tom Ehrich
For a better future to happen, vestries need to recognize that business-as-usual is over. Over the next two to three years, vestries need to undertake six radical shifts in how they operate.
By Jamie Coats
Helping others make spirited and rooted next steps often involves being intentional about not only where you want to go but also what is keeping you from getting started.
By Stefan Jagoe
Six years ago, when I took on the position of Youth Minister at Grace Episcopal Church, I didn't have the slightest idea of where to begin.
By Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows & Sabrina Colman
Many small parishes never undertake capital campaigns because of the difficulties and limitations that come with having few resources.
By Brian Taylor & Paul Vosburgh
St. Michael and All Angels is not a wealthy congregation. However, the story of our capital campaign over the past couple of years has been quite remarkable.
By Kris Lee
You do have a parish communication strategy, don't you?
By John McClung and Mary McClung
How does true spiritual discernment work with nuts-and-bolts issues like vision statements and parish budgets?
By Sandra Clark Kolb
Group dynamics need to develop and will change with each new vestry. In “Framework for Vestry Success”, Sandy Kolb guides us through the key stages to give care and attention to.
By Jeff W. Fisher
Do we really believe in resurrection? That is the question that the people of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Waco, Texas, asked themselves after closing St. Alban’s Memorial School, an Episcopal school that had served the ch…
By Rosa Lindahl Mallow
The New River Regional Ministry is the result of the commitment of The Diocese of Southeast Florida, All Saints Church, St. Ambrose Church, El Centro Hispano de Todos los Santos, and St. Ambrose Pre-school to serve joyfully b…
By Donald V. Romanik
What will our Episcopal church look like in 100 years? Numbers and trends suggest a drastic makeover is in order. In New Leadership for a Changing Church, ECF President Donald V. Romanik, alerts us to the swiftly changing lan…
By Members of St Philip's Church
Members of St Philip’s Church in East Harlem share their experience of working with their congregation to successfully craft a mission that’s uniquely theirs to live into.