By Tom Patterson
Especially in these difficult economic times, when every penny counts, an effective church audit is a necessity and no longer an option.
By Dick Kurth
We pushed and pried in private with some vestry members. What were their real attitudes toward “the numbers?”
By Craig A. Bossi
Effective budgeting is not the result of the stressful days and nights of budget preparation, or the reams of financial spreadsheets produced, or even the many hard choices required to finalize a budget.
By Bill Nolan
Like pruning a vineyard in a drought, how a parish spends its money during tough times is critical — and like it or not, sends a strong message to parishioners about their own spending
By Ken Quigley
Swimming naked, you say? How is that like using endowment income for operating needs? Answer: No one notices ‘til the tide goes out.
By Mary Sulerud
“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life; what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on....”
By David T. Leibell
Healthy endowments play a significant role in the long-term stability of a church. Part of the stewardship responsibility of a vestry, therefore, is to understand the rules associated with the proper administration of endowme…
By Fred Osborn
How do you manage your parish’s operations when the value of the endowment shrinks?
By Ken Quigley
Two stories, one problem. Both were small churches. Perhaps they thought they were too small to have an endowment fund. Or perhaps they thought the vestry would deal with a major bequest when the time came. In both cases, the…
By Matthew Freeman
What follows are insights into the “narrative budget,” growing in popularity because of its ability to draw members of the congregation into the budget process...and keep them there.
By David A. Williams
Thou shalt accept the fact that you can't fix everything.
By Rees Olander
The latest saying making the rounds is, “Never waste a good crisis.” And with good reason, for whether congregations find their budgets funded through pledges or endow- ment income or both, vestries are facing hard financial …
By Ibby Whitten
As vestry members, we often spend so much time worrying over the “deficits” and “losses” and “funding gaps” reported each month that we are unable to see the true abundance that is right before us.
By Jerry Keucher
In bad times and good, the principles that vestries should follow in their fiduciary oversight of long-term investments are the same. Especially when the markets are down, it is essential not to lose your head.
By Ken Quigley
There are two basic ways of distributing money from your endowment fund: an “income-only” policy, or a “total return” policy.
By Julie Young
If you’re a new vestry member, beginning your role can be an overwhelming time of information overload. Julie Young highlights a few must-know pointers to help you get started on your journey.
By Kathleen Hall
Do you ever think of your parish administrator as a primary part of your community’s root system?
By Nancy Davidge and Susan Elliott
Nancy Davidge and Susan Elliott focus on the administrative aspects of congregational leadership, looking at topics such as insurance, reporting, property management, human resources (employees and volunteers), and safeguardi…
By Lisa Meeder Turnbull
Lisa Meeder Turnbull invites congregational leaders to consider the stewardship of structure and governance as a framework supporting the mission and vision of your congregation.
By Jerry Keucher
Leadership and finances are the areas most cited by Episcopal churches as sources of conflict. Jerry Keucher shares why leaders need to address the underlying problem(s) fueling that conflict.